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    Our city Lviv

    is one of the biggest IT centers in Eastern Europe
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    Our mission

    is to present the unique Lviv IT sector to the whole world
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    You will have the possibility

    to choose the best contractor for your project

Our mission is to present the unique Lviv IT sector to the whole world

Our capabilities

The work we have completed allows us to position ourselves as experts
  • 11 Years of Experience

    We have 11 years of experience in outsourcing marketing, call center, market research. In the process of collaborating with big companies from Europe, Asia, America we helped them to find performers for a variety of IT projects.
  • >100 Successful Projects

    At the beginning of our activity, we mainly worked in the market research. Afterward, a variety of IT projects began to fall into our field of view. Sometimes these were multi-level projects that included staged tasks. For example, we investigated a particular branch of the economy and the next step was to create the necessary programs to improve the quality of control.
  • >25 Partners Programs

    Part of the multi-level projects we had to do with partner companies. It was important to share our responsibilities for timely implementation of projects. Therefore, we value reliable partners because it is the key to success.

There are 2 main questions for you:

  • Have you ever encountered the lack of the projects you would like to make with your team?
  • How important is the consistency in the project flow now and for the future for you?

How it works for you as our partner:

  • We go with the client through all the project-establishment steps, going through all the needs, visions and technical backgrounds, after creating of all touchpoints we deliver it to you and you decide wherever it is something for your team, if yes our journey begins...